At CES we will show our character by saying “NO” to drugs as part of Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 24th-October 28th. 


Monday— I’m too Smart to Start—dress like a nerd from head to toe


Tuesday— Drugs are Whack—wear tacky or wacky clothes


 Wednesday— Winners Don’t Drugs—wear your favorite team jersey with your uniform pants


Thursday— I have too Much Character for Drugs to Matter—dress as your favorite BOOK character (Must bring the book to school and no masks may be worn throughout the day.)


Friday— We Have TOO Much PRIDE to Give Drugs a Try—Chieftain PRIDE Day—wear spirit shirts or red, white and blue shirts with uniform pants

November Box Tops

We need your box tops! The November 1st deadline is October 21st. The class with the most box tops will participate in a cupcake party on November 1st.