C.E.S. Uniform Guidelines

                                           Chickasaw Elementary School Uniform Requirements

Tops: (Boys and Girls)

· Red Polo

· School T-Shirts (on Fridays and other designated days that will be announced)

Bottoms: (Boys and Girls)

Navy blue pants and shorts
*Shorts may not be more than 2" above the knee.

**Pants are to remain pulled up at ALL times - NO SAGGING allowed!

Girls Only

             Navy blue jumpers, skirts, or skorts
             Solid white or navy tights with feet may be worn

Undershirts/Socks/Shoes/Belts (Boys and Girls)

Undershirts: Plain white undershirts (No writing, logos or pictures)
*Long sleeves (in cold weather) and short sleeve undershirts are allowed

Socks: Solid white or navy (crew or ankle)
Shoes: Any type of tennis shoes are permissible
**NO heels, NO open toe or open heeled shoes, NO Crocs, NO Boots, NO steel toe shoes

Belts: Solid Black or brown plain belt (standard buckle)
* NO rivets, NO studs, NO holes, NO pictures, NO writing on belt


Solid navy blue, red or white. NO logos
*The outerwear may button, zip, or be a cardigan sweater, have hoods, or pull over.

**(All hoods will be removed in the building).

***Any outerwear items sold by the school or PTO will be accepted.

****During extremely cold weather a heavier coat may be worn to school that is not navy, red, or white. Once in the building it must be placed on a hook or the back of the desk immediately and should remain there until dismissal. NO non-uniform jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts will be allowed to be worn inside the building.


Stud earrings may be worn
*hoops or dangles will not be allowed

Hair color and/or highlights must be natural hair colors (NO pink, blue, bright red, etc.)
Hair accessories (bows, headbands, clacker balls, barrettes): Navy blue, red, or white or a combination of red, white, and blue
The following are NOT allowed:

Beads (necklaces), bangles, or excessive jewelry

Facial piercings

Bandanas, do rags or hats

Long fingernails that would hinder a student from completing school work